I was born and raised in Mitzpe Ramon, a small town in the middle of the Israeli Negev Desert, on top of the largest erosion Carter in the world - Machtesh Ramon. From there i draw my passion to landscapes and deserts.

all my life I was thrilled to explore my surroundings, extreme activities are running in my veins since I can remember myself.

Since I was 13 Im using a camera to document my activities and freeze the time in order to preserve the memories of the huge amount of experiences Im having in my life.

My adulthood contains many experiences related to tour guiding, long military service in Elite unit, Photography school, Paramedic school, humanitarian work in refugee camps around the world.

I think that experiences builds your character, and its better to experience as much as you can and sometimes to go out of your comfort zone.
Currently, besides being a father of 2 year old Nour, I’m planning and executing thrilling adventures and travel experiences in the most unique destinations in the world. In my spare time, Im volunteering in humanitarian aid NGO’s.

Adding my abilities I collected along my life I do Photography, Security and Medical escorting as a Tactical Paramedic in private expeditions across the world.

I use photography and videography in every aspect of my life and I am eager to share this passion with others by sharing my works, knowlage and skills.

Cooperation with Magnus Search and rescue team

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Iftah Shavit _ Photography and more